Nicola Heathcote on Be the Woman

Nicola Heathcote mother, yoga teacher, sales and marketing professionalNicola Heathcote mother, yoga teacher, with a background in sales and marketing

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Nicola Heathcote on Recommending Be the Woman...

I would recommend it to every single woman on Earth. I think that if this was part of the school syllabus then the world would be a much nicer place – it'd be full of happy women!  It's applicable to any woman at any stage in her life and from any background because the material is so accessible and it's delivered in a language that was easy to understand. What I've gained from it is priceless, absolutely priceless.

Nicola Heathcote on Changes...

I cannot believe how much I've changed. It's incredible – what I thought about women in the beginning and what I thought about myself. Everything has changed. I'm really blown away by that.

I used to see my life in little compartments. There was the work, there was home, there was yoga, there was social life. I was separating me from my life. Now it's all sewn together and it's so much easier and far more pleasurable on a day to day basis.
My background's quite similar to Guru Kaur's. I spent many years in a masculine work environment...I don't think during those really important years in my twenties I really knew what it was to be a woman, and now I do.

Nicola Heathcote on Relationship Realisations..

Day 8 – The Men in My Life. This is to do with my father really who I've never had a lot of contact with. He wasn't around when I was a small child. We don't have the greatest of relationships, certainly not a close relationship. I wrote quite a lot for that day...and one thing that stands out on the pages was "Oh no, I'm looking for the father I never had!" That relates back to relationships I've had in the past and how I've viewed them and how I expected, or wanted, someone to look after me in the way I felt my father never did. So that was huge, and I'd never considered that. I thought, "Well, Dad's dad. That's the way he is." I'd never really thought about it. There were many other eureka moments...

Nicola Heathcote on The What Makes a Woman Mini-Course...

The [Mini-Course podcasts] I thought were fantastic, very professionally delivered. I loved the banter between [Hari Karam] and Guru Kaur. I learned so much just from listening to them and I thought well, if they're just the taster and I've learned this much from them, what am I going to learn on the course??

Nicola Heathcote on the Be the Woman Online Course & Community Format...

I absolutely loved it because some days I'm very busy and some days I have plenty of time so on those days where I have time, I could listen to the [Audio Postcards] , write my Thoughts for the Day and do the Action at some point in the day. On the days where I was busy I would usually get up and go to my computer, and download it, print off the transcript for the day and take it with me on the train so I could read it in the morning and then write my answers on the way home. On the days where I couldn't get to a computer it really was no worries because I knew it was all there...So for me it was perfect.

It's material I will listen to over and over again because you can't catch it all in the first listening. There's so many different aspects that you can pick up on that each time you listen to it you hear something different.

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