Mary Poulter on Be the Woman

Mary Poulter, wife, business owner and breeder of Bolognese puppies, based in the UKMary Poulter is a wife, business owner and breeder of Bolognese puppies in the UK

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Mary Poulter on her Experience of Be the Woman Online Course & Community

It completely changed my life, absolutely. I'm just so glad I did it. It has absolutely thrown so much at me about life itself. I now understand so much more than I did about A, life, and B, myself. Goodness, it just totally transformed things. Can't speak highly enough of it.

Mary Poulter on the Key Moments in the 42 Day Course

There have been a number of moments, particularly with leaving past traumas behind. That was just so healing, to absolutely face them, talk about them, things that one had perhaps deferred and just got on with life and not really put to bed. That was really a fantastic transformation.

I have really personally enjoyed the yoga and the meditation particularly. The refreshing feelings I've achieved from some of those meditations have been amazing. I've really found those absolutely so useful.

Mary Poulter on the Continued Benefits of Being a Member

At the present time I am actually re-visiting and I know I will do it not just once but I will keep it by me and keep it for when I need to. You always learn something new...

Mary Poulter on What Kind of Women Would Benefit from Be the Woman

I think almost anyone could benefit. It's a whole picture of life. It's such a wonderful unravelling process of life itself, and it does put things in perspective from a very feminine perspective. It does really help you understand so much more. Things that you do know that you don't fully understand are pointed out with such clarity and in such an interesting way. It was a really fascinating experience, a life changing experience that I wouldn't have missed for the world.

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