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Debbie Hall, wife, mother, living willow artist and workshop coordinatorDebbie Hall is a wife, mother, environmental artist and workshop coordinator.  Her website »

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Debbie Hall on Recommending Be the Woman...

I can imagine it would be good for any woman of any age really! I'm 40 now but I would love to have done this earlier on in my life and to have those kinds of realisations a bit sooner. It really helps you feel a lot clearer and to know where you are going.  

Another thing that I would add, that on the profile when you enrol on the Inner Circle, there's the questions, and the fifth question was "What is the best gift you've ever given yourself?" A short distance into the course, I had already put "This course." So that's probably a bit of an indication that I think it's certainly worth doing!

Debbie Hall on Convenience of the Course Format

One of the things I really liked about the course is the way you could fit it into your daily life, whatever that normally was. It was just very easy to manage around the other things you have to your week at a certain time. You don't have to give those things up to take on something like this course.

Debbie Hall on Key Moments

One I particular remembered was talking about role models, so actually looking at who the significant role models were in early life, and for me realising that they were actually very limited. My ideas of what a woman was were based on this tiny, tiny model. I kept having these realisations all through the day like "Oh yes...". It was like a sigh of relief. It felt very liberating. It explained quite a bit of behaviour since....And there were other things that followed on from it the next few days – because I think it was very well structured in that sense – there were those things that kept popping up and I thought, "oh yes, that also ties back to that one"...

Really I had very little information about a lot of these things. I had often felt as a child and as a young adult too like I was floundering about in the dark with certain things. And I had in my adult life spent quite a bit of time almost punishing myself about it...Just being able to sit back and look at it made me think actually, no, considering the input I had, I did pretty well. It changed a whole way I had looked at myself. It allowed me to be kinder on myself and feel "yes I understand". I could see a framework on which my patterns of behaviour had been built.

Debbie Hall on Letting It Sink In & Other Benefits ...

The way in which the questions were asked allowed me to feel and integrate some of the stuff I already mentally knew. The way it was structured somehow made it easy to change in a bodily way. Instead of just knowing it in a mental way, you actually felt was integrated. So it actually did make a change to the way you felt about things deep down.

It's been very helpful on the self-confidence front. I teach creative workshops, willow workshops, and not only have I found it easier to do that, but I have got more confidence in what it is that I'm passing on. My unique way of doing things, what I have got to say, is of value so it's much easier for me, therefore, to put it out there. It's more successful.

Another thing I've got from the course is realising those things that feed me are better for the people around me. So I'd think, "Oh maybe I shouldn't do that because I ought to be doing this" and then I'd get this clear idea from the course that actually those things that really do feed and nurture you are the things that will make you able to spread it...

I've actually started doing a few things that have just been bubbling away in the back of my mind, "Oh yeah I'd like to do that someday," and it's brought a focus to things, "That's an important thing for me that I'd really like to do. Why don't I do that now?" And also how to isolate the best things to get rid of to make the space.
One of the other things I would say is that there have been things that have manifested in my life. Now having a focus of what I need to do for the next steps forward, these things have actually been turning up in a rather great way...

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