Claudia Kapp on Be the Woman

Claudia Kapp, hospitality professionalClaudia Kapp, a recent graduate and hospitality professional, did the 42 Day Course from a cruise ship 

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Claudia Kapp on the Importance of Spending time with Yourself

You really get to spend time with yourself and think about yourself, you usually don't do on a daily basis.  You actually think what do you want to get out of your life or what do you want to get out of being a woman and being yourself.  You usually don't do that because you are busy with work or you're busy with other things...

For me the most important thing was really to just to take a timeout every day.  After about a week or two I got into this routine doing it every evening, and I'm still doing that now.  Every evening I'm taking my time. I'm doing some meditation.  I'm taking a bath. I'm taking some time for myself, just to switch off.  I think a lot of girls and women just don't do that, and I think it's really important and I've been feeling a lot better since.

Claudia Kapp on How Be the Woman Fits Into Your Life

You can really spend time with it whenever you have time.  You don't have a specific time when you have to be there and you have to do it or you have to listen to a person.  You can just listen to it whenever.  For me, most of the time it's in the evening just to unwind from the day.  It's always really calming for me just listening to Guru Kaur even if it's just five minutes....You have it there all the time. It's not like attending a class where you listen to it once and forget about it, or you can't remember what it's all about because it's been too busy the next day.  You can just listen to it again and again.  It's just great.

Claudia Kapp on Recommending Be the  Woman

I think it's a real benefit to any women because you really get to spend time with yourself and find yourself.  Life becomes clearer to you.  You've got loads of information about yourself about the men in your life, about health, about beauty.  Guru Kaur, she includes everything there is possibly for a woman to know.  This is really material for a lifetime.  Not just for six weeks or forty-two days.

Claudia Kapp on Why She Joined Be the Woman

I've had a few life changing experiences.  I was moving away abroad so I've had a little bit of time for myself and [I was] just trying to find out what I really wanted to do and who I really am.  I'm 22 years old so I don't know 100%...but this course helped me a lot.  [Through the course] I've asked myself a lot of questions and answering these questions made me think about it, and I'm getting closer and closer every day.

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