Claudia Duchene on Be the Woman

Claudia Duchene, wife, mother, Massachusetts, USAClaudia Duchene, wife, mother, original from Germany, now living in Massuchesetts, USA 

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Claudia Duchene on Why She Joined Be  the Woman...

My observation was as a woman you either have the option of being very much a victim – being in a weak position - or you have to behave like a man.  You have to acquire tools that, while you still look like a woman, you behave more in male terms. Neither was very appealing to me.

What did I expect [with Be the Woman]?   Well, to find more information about the theme of being a woman – something that was different than everyday culture - something that answered my disquiet about what I had observed - and something that gives me positive tools to change things.

Claudia Duchene on Recommending Be the Woman... to Other Women

I can only say, I didn't regret signing up for it at all – not at all! It's so helpful. It's so...uplifting!  It's engaging.  It brings a lot of joy too.  Why would you not want to do it?

I value this course so much because it counterbalances the effects of our everyday living, our everyday society, and the pressure whether we are women or men have in changing things, doing things different, doing things in a more healthy uplifting way.  And to see that there are a lot of possibilities how we as women can influence the change and can change things for the better.

It's not "replace men with women" it's more like how to use both forces in a positive way – how to use both forces in a way that together you create something bigger than each one alone could do.

Claudia Duchene on the Lasting Effects

It's an ongoing process. There's so much information in there...You go once through the course and you pick up what you pick up.  Some things stick and others disappear again! But, when I come into challenging situations I often remember that I found something in this course and I go back and find the day or the page and can re-read things and because of that I can make different choices.

It's empowering. That's one of the things that sticks out. It's very empowering for a woman to discover her own tools – to discover the assets she has as being born as a woman and how she can influence life, society, her family in a positive uplifting way.

Claudia Duchene on the Inner Circle...

Of course it gives us the ability to connect with each other – with other women who do the course – to see the challenges and struggles they go through and the changes that happen too.

It's just good to connect with women...who are kind of a way of a role model.  You say "Ok, so how do you do it?"  And you look and say to yourself "Ok, that's a possibility.  That's something to try out"  And so far it works very well.

Claudia Duchene on How Her Husband Responded to Her Doing Be the Woman...

Haha, I don't think he was actively aware.  He was aware I was doing something on the web but not this particular course.  But I definitely would say that our relationship has quite improved over the last year ;)

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