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Chaucer Loves WomenThis is what's been happening on the Be the Woman... Inner Circle, the private members area in the last three weeks.

The challenges and joys of children are touched on in the posts, Ode to African Children, Scandinavian Fathers Do Have Them, School Run Tears and Education Values In a Box.  How our own experiences in the past can influence our current attitudes and our children is addressed in Deepest Desires

Show No Tell looks at the risks of interfering and seeing things for what they are not, while The Sword of the Tongue and Thump of the Fist addresses domestic violenceLesson Learned talks about the dangers of not being aware, not reading the small print and not treating each moment with fresh eyesMarital Sex is pretty self-explanatory, it's about sex

Thank you for the Water talks about how to approach the Be the Woman... Course while The Apotheosis of the Second RateSurgery to Lose Weight, Solvitur Ambulando, and The Power of Listening cover different aspects of the 42 days material.

On a personal note I've been answering some of the questions which come up in the first week of the Be the Woman... Course in my own: Here I Am Now, Patricide By Doubt, and Nothing Is What It Seems. To see the impact that Be the Woman... has had on the lives of those who have contributed is extremely inspiring, humbling, and unifying.  No matter where we are in the globe, taking time to reflect on life makes us realise both that we're not alone in facing the issues we do, but there are others who can guide and inspire us to move forward. 

In particular, this comment has touched me very deeply:

"I totally understand what your mother said about not being ready to die because she hadn't lived her life. That made me cry because it hit so close to home. That could be me.

I appreciate that BTW does not promote a particular religion, that it is accessible to all who want to get acquainted with reality."

Here at Club 15CC we seem to have been cooking a lot with courgettes in a light and joyful way such as Courgettes Primavera and Courgette, Celery and Pea Spring Soup.  I've also been baking Cardamom and Lemon Biscuits and Spinach and Ricotta Tart.  I'm loving the discussion about feeding a family on a time and financial budget in Stuck in a Food Rut

This summer we have a Be the Woman... Midsummer Celebration in Buckinghamshire, UK and are also planning some events in London. 

For those of you in the UK, you may have seen on the BBC iPlayer a history series on Divine Women which touches on some of the themes we do in later stages of the Be the Woman... Course.  Mary Beard, who taught the wonderful Roman Women tutorials my first two years at King's College, London thirty years ago, is also presenting a series called Meet the Romans.  AA Gill, the Times TV critic reviewed the programme saying that she's too ugly to be on television.  I leave it to you to wonder what the Romans might have done to him...

What you are you waiting for? Why not Be the Woman You were Born to Be...

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