What is the Greatest Calamity That Can Happen To You?


Chaucer Loves Women Someone posted this quotation on Facebook the other day:

"The greatest calamity that can happen to a man 
is that he becomes too serious and too practical. 
A little bit craziness, a little bit eccentricity, is all for the good." Osho

and it begged the question, what is the greatest calamity that can happen to a woman? 

What's your answer?  Here's mine: 

The greatest calamity that can happen to a woman
is that she becomes a little too crazy, insecure and caught up in her fantasy.
A little bit of common sense and creativity, is all for the good."

Most of what we talk about in Be the Woman... is exactly that, common sense and creativity.  We don't do gossip or complaining.   At the moment the hot topics are supporting a young mother through the critical stages of the recent bereavement of her fiance, a mother of four considering how her experience of education could affect the choice of school adversely for her offspring, how to create balanced and enjoyable meals, how to stop an argument escalating into domestic violence, how to manage family finances and desires, and the challenges of modern domesticity with so many women juggling the workplace and home life.  Women of all ages and all backgrounds from Africa, Saudi Arabia, Hawaii, Scandinavia, Europe, the US and the UK are contributing to these discussions right now.  

It really is a living, vibrant users manual for all aspects of life as a woman. This is the stuff that matters; it fills our lives but often we don't know where to turn to see our situation from a different perspective.

Here's what one woman who's completed the first few days of the Be the Woman... Course wrote:

"But most of all, thank you for creating such an incredible experience - ever since I entered the Inner Circle on the very first day, I have felt accompanied, embraced, understood, with much love and respect. There is also some kind of magical effect that is mysteriously and subtly bringing me back towards my Self. I know I have so much work to do, BUT now I feel like I'm breathing again.

"It's not easy to find little spaces throughout my days to complete all the tasks, but there I go, "pole pole" as they say in Swahili (slowly slowly!)."

Have a great weekend, wherever you are in the world, with a little time for yourself.  

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