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Chaucer QuoteWhen we first created Be the Woman You were Born to Be as an online course and community I wasn't really sure how it would compare to the many live Be the Woman... workshops which I had led. Sure it would mean that women all over the world would be able to participate, in a way which worked for them, but would we be able to maintain the intimacy and respect? The answer has been a resounding yes.

There has though been one downside: you can start whenever you like. And I never anticipated that that could be an issue. What I've learned is that when I used to travel through a city to do a workshop, there was a now or never attitude which often tipped the balance into getting a woman to consider whether she could benefit by improving her emotional literacy as a woman. Now though the option remains of living on the never-never. Until it's too late.

That point was brought home to me this week when a woman who is going through a deep crisis asked me if she would benefit from Be the Woman... Of course, I replied, every woman needs to learn this stuff; I consider it the minimum requirement for any woman...

Well, what did you expect me to say? She expected me to say that she was different, her problem was special, hers only, no one else had ever gone through what she was going through. If only she could have removed her arrogance as enthusiastically as she had walked into this problem, she might just not be in the terrible dilemma she is in today.

It comes back to me again and again how little we as women are taught to be women and how much we are expected to know as women. The very seed for Be the Woman... was sown when I was sitting with an incredibly inspiring and powerful woman in her own right who told it to me straight as no one else had ever dared: "You have not scratched the surface of what you can achieve by being a Woman."

That advice, which only a woman can give to a woman, changed my whole perspective: I thought at the time that I was highly successful with all the external signs of that of a great husband, home and career. But she was right, I just didn't have a clue about the basics, and it took a lot to take that onboard. Until then I had not considered that being a woman, in and of itself, was an art, a science, and a way of being.

I'm telling you this now because here we are at the height of the summer holidays, lulled into that false sense of security that they go on forever. But life's not like that. Unless you decisively act to make your life better then it will go on just how it was. I'm still amazed how few women actually put sorting themselves out as such a low priority in their lives. Until it's too late...

Be the Woman... leads you to uncover your femininity, recover your sexuality, and discover your divinity.  It's the timeless wisdom long since forgotten distilled through the trial and error of my experiences into a very accessible form, in a language which my mother-in-law understands, practical, efficient and effective. There is a 42 day online course, which you can do at your own pace, and an online community, the Inner Circle.

I check in with the Be the Woman... Inner Circle daily and there's always something happening. You can read the excerpts from the latest discussions on my website:

    You can give yourself all the excuses you like about why you're not investing in yourself, but in the end the only woman you're fooling is you.  I don't care whether you decide to join Be the Woman...right now or take some other course of action.  What I care about is that you decide to enjoy being a woman to the full - because you're worth it!

    with love, blessings, gratitude
    Guru Kaur x

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