About Guru Kaur

The Origins of Be the Woman and Its Founder

Guru KaurGuru Kaur is renowned for giving straight talking spiritual guidance in highly practical terms. Many lives have been changed by hers and her inspiration. Those who know her are touched by her deep ability to connect, her outstanding sense of humour, her rugged determination and non compliance with the norm.

She was, many years ago now, employed in predominantly male professional environments as a Chartered Accountant and as an corporate executive in the City of London, before living and working in rural India, and then going on to run her own clothing design business. She now focuses on the Be the Woman You were Born to Be Online Course and Community, reaching women throughout the world in a way which means that, no matter what, they can have access wherever they are to the same level of teaching that she received.

She is a highly respected teacher of Kundalini Yoga, with weekly local classes, and is a Sikh Minister (the first among white women in the UK). She presents the Regally Graceful Podcasts of interviews with inspiring people from all walks of life she's met along the way.

“Her advice, inner warmth and encouragement...”

Mary Poulter, wife, business owner and breeder of Bolognese puppies, based in the UKWe all know that special and talented people exist, however, it is seldom that any of us have the opportunity to meet or share time with them... (continue reading)

I first met Guru Kaur when she became the owner of one of my gorgeous little 10 week old Bolognese puppies. I knew instantly that she was a totally unique person motivated by her love of life. She not only understands life itself but at a level of perception beyond the norm. She is naturally driven to help others by means of her knowledge and example.

She is young and British and has embraced the most valuable aspects of spiritual enlightenment and lifestyle from Eastern cultures. She is one of the most approachable, intelligent and open human beings I have ever met. Her advice, inner warmth and encouragement have already helped me to balance my own life, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Mary Poulter, wife, business owner and Bolognese puppy breeder

At her home in London, England, Guru Kaur enjoys making lovely things in the kitchen, especially jam, chocolates and biscuits. Her favourite things include homemade buttered toast and her marmalade, knitting with Alpaca or a shawl in Linen Lace, the Way of Tea, Tana Lawn, watercolours, the Golden Temple before sunrise and English sandy beaches before sunset, Bellagio, and Monet's Woman with Parasol.  Guru Kaur is very active in her local community serving on the core organising committee for the Friends of Russia Dock Woodland whose highlight event is Meditation in the Park.

Guru Kaur received her name from her spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, who was a highly acclaimed and globally recognised teacher of the art and science of being human.

She is married to the photographer, Nick Fleming (they've been together since they were 16) and has a little white Bolognese named Millie-Pup. You'll often find her and Millie-Pup walking or bicycling together along the river Thames or in the local Ecological Park.

Guru Kaur & Millie-Pup returning from Borough Market

“A practical, insightful and supportive compass...”

Katrina Wood, CEO MediaXchangeAs a head of an international company where knowledge, understanding and awareness need to be applied daily in the different countries that we work Guru Kaur supplies me a practical, insightful and supportive compass to negotiate the demands of business issues and personal integrity within a hectic schedule. I am grateful for this anchor in my personal and business life...

- Katrina Wood, CEO MediaXchange

About Be the Woman... Course & Online Community

The content in Be the Woman You were Born to Be changed my life, and in the 17 years since Guru Kaur created the course, it has opened the eyes of many women and helped them to live happier, more fulfilling and more exciting lives.  Be the Woman touches on every aspect of a woman's life. It is based on both ancient (and often long forgotten) and modern wisdom distilled through the practical experience of roles Guru  Kaur has played in the home, office, society, and as a student, a business owner and a teacher.

It crystallises a vast array of material from many different sources in a way in which you can easily absorb into your life. The wisdom and techniques have been time-tested and proven throughout thousands of years of history as well as in Guru Kaur's life and the lives of those whom she has taught.

A powerful experience, open to all...

In the past, Guru Kaur taught Be the Woman at international yoga events, to small groups and to corporate clients.

One day a woman spoke to her after one of the classes about how impractical it was to take a week out of her schedule and travel to a workshop; though what she was learning was improving the lives of her whole family.

Fundamentally, when you’re insecure, you are vulnerable because you have a price. That price is how you compensate and make up for the fact that you’re insecure deep inside. To address this problem and to allow women from around the world to benefit from this information, Guru Kaur created Be the Woman using the internet, audio, video and other technologies.

Now you can experience Be the Woman anywhere that has an internet connection. You can download the course content and take it with you on the train to work. You can listen to the audio while cooking dinner. Not only can you be anywhere in the world, but you can be anywhere in your world...


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